Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some free time, some creativity, some friends, some tweets and a short story!

  • Me: The moonless night drew on.Long and bitter.The wordless screams of some night prowler being the music.He thought of her and smiled. Facing the intricasies of life, he buckled under the torrents that embellished him. Yet, got up and whispered her name.
  • Zain: The cut on his neck was deep, blood oozing; but stitches he didn't want, Because he knew he might entwine & choke himself to death.
  • Me: T'was beautiful, almost perfectly circular drops of blood oozed in an intricate pattern on the rug. She smiled at her creation.
  • Zain: The drops made no sound & in the silence was inflicting pain.His eyes now closed; the present troubled him not, the past amused him.
  • Pranay: The bottom was not visible. The top was fast disappearing. With all the time in the world to think, he wondered. He hit the ground.
  • Me: Time and again he died. Always brutally. Always painfully. Always she watched him die,silent and quiet;in all the alter-realities.
  • Zain: Suddenly he wakes up, there's light, there's hope, there's SHE ! There's no wound, there's no blood, there's no pain & suddenly he wakes up.
  • Me: But he'd rather be asleep in the limbo he'd so carefully crafted around himself.For there whether he lived or died,no one cared.
  • Zain: In the limbo that he'd so carefully crafted,his baptism seemed unholy. Sinful it was,cz it was SHE who baptized him, 'SIN', herself.
  • Me: Was he a vermin?A resident of hell?Or an offspring of the holy grove?Named SIN but wasn't the forbidden fruit in the garden of EDEN?
*To be continued*
(@retardosupremo, @AlexZainDer, @gunrxerk )


  1. interesting...looking forward to the continuation..!!

  2. Sadly, the three never got together at the same time again on twitter! :P Looking forward to the same, some time...


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