Monday, April 16, 2012

Death Speaks

[Image Courtsey:]

Life fades to pain and death,
Where is love in dying breaths,
I tried to find it and paid heavily,
Death comes to claim me, her eyes bloodily greedy,
For I tried to spread hope where it was not,
To those down and low lest humanity rot,
Divide melancholy, keep grief at bay,
Then death said enough! for your sins now you must pay.

She met me in the busy street of Baghdad,
Next to the auction selling ships of Sindbad,
Even in the hustle-bustle of the market street,
My spine chilled even in the burning heat,
Oh! she was beautiful,like an angel I'll say,
But I knew her, 
she was death standing in my way,
Our eyes locked, like lovers we lovingly stared,
Then she made a threating gesture, 
and I knew I'd all the reasons to be scared.

I've decided, in Baghdad I'll not stay,
I've to find a way to keep death at bay,
The fastest horse in all of Baghdad I'll find,
And set off for the west,
where in the Sun Death shall be blind.
To Samarra I'll go for the lore says,
Death goes not to Samarra till the end of days,
After I escape I'll keep spreading hope,
Continue the good work, I pray that Death allows me to elope!

Death:  Death I am, dark yet pure,
One day I'll be yours too, be sure,
Destiny sure is funny, with its ways,
I'll quote an incident, hear it Death says,
I didn't threaten him,
if that he thought he was kneive,
That was just surprise,
For I really liked him but had my work to do,
I really had to take him,
but that's something I'll always rue,
What surprised me was his presense in the valley,
Because with my book it didn't tally,
If he was there in Baghdad the chances were weak,
Of making it to our rendezeveous 
in Samarra that night, so Death speaks...


  1. Like I said, You are a good Story teller :)


  3. very well written pranav !! poetic excellence indeed

  4. Very creative and imaginative... and you are good with words too.. :)


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