Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Fly high, Fly far,
Beyond the skies, beyond the stars,
No fear to stop on the way,
Fly freebird fly, this is your day.

Your nest is yours,
Nobody gets an inch,
Fly freebird fly,
Feel no pinch.

Ride the wind, let nothing stop you,
Above the clouds yet with every drop of morning's dew,
The angels are watching, become who you are,
Fly freebird fly, there is no bar.

Come back when you want to,
Nothing will have changed,
Fly freebird fly,
Thou art unchained.


  1. There is never a coming back without a change. More than often, there is never-ever a coming back.

    1. Change is a constant you can not escape from. Coming back or not is dependent on the freebird, who am I to talk about it! All I can do is set it free, and hope that it flies high, does all it wants, coming back or not, it's wish!

  2. :D.... i feel happy reading this!

  3. goooooooooooooood
    very god hundoo...finally pyaar mein jhalle huay aashiq ka janaaza public mein nikal raha hai...
    but adventurous...and why is the freebird so cynical..and its not the poem i'm talking about

  4. Feeling so high! ... Ride the wind, let nothing stop you =)


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