Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oneplus oNe - definitely UNSETTLING!

And I mean it in the best of ways! OnePlus with its 'never settle' motto have really managed to disrupt the market in all possible ways. The web is flooded with reviews of the phone that range from mind-blowing to over rated, so here comes another pebble along the shore.

My interest in the phone got sparked by the unique marketing style it adopted in India, invite-only. It pressed the right chords of the new-age, e-consumers and created a lot of waves with the way it engaged with potentials. I, however, got it once the phone became available on open amazon market.

I bought this phone after considerable research and I am sure the reader has also googled this enough to be well aware of its technical genius. So I shall refrain from quoting any tech specs in this post but rather my own personal views after a week's use.

What charmed me the most even as I was unboxing it was the attention to detail in the package design section. Everything's sleek, has amazing placeholders and is in a stark red&white theme. The consistency is with flanker products like the screen guard, etc. Frankly speaking, I got the screen-guard a couple of days earlier and my eagerness went through the roof having never seen such an intricate and elegant package for something as simple as a screen-guard.

The joy continues as you take the phone out and start tinkering with it. The phone is a looker, beating its competition hands down with a sleek unibody design and a unique sandstone finish back panel. The phone feels just great and I have often found myself caressing it's back to enjoy the matte-ish feel without even realizing!

CyanogenMod is its custom ROM that gives an interesting twist to the lollipop most android-ers are happily sucking on these days. Its my first android experience and its very, very satisfying so far. I have noted stark improvements over stock lollipop (running on Moto G2) and ZenUI (of Asus Zenfone fame) in the settings menu and custom animations. Not that they would matter to the average user, but then one who wants to be mediocre would probably not even consider this phone!

Performance remains true to the flashy specs, in succinct, I am running almost 25 apps and 3 games in parallel for a week now without a single reboot and the phone has not slowed once. Multitasking is even more fun once I updated to the latest 12s version of the CyanogenMod due to a sexier transition animation.

The battery is almost as good as my previous Windows Phone even though I am definitely doing a LOT more. That's something which keeps me grinning for a full day on superheavyduty use and more than 1.5 days if I alternate between the powersaver mode and performance mode, take the pain to switch the data off every now and then and use the WiFi in between!

I read a lot of people cribbing about its camera while researching and have decided that while in this aspect OnePlus oNe may not be a flagship killer, it's not something to
written off easily. In fact I kept 0 expectations from it and am pretty content with both of its shooters. If you're going for this, I'd recommend the same. Lower the expectations, happier you shall be. Nonetheless, some samples below.

Oh and like a good storyteller, the phone has some nifty tricks up its sleeve that you discover in due course. For starters, gestures work like a charm and are equal parts useful as well as fun to tinker with. I shall leave the others for you to discover on your own otherwise what would be the fun?

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